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Let's get going on your improved path to a Prettier Planet by handling your waste and toxins. It's simple! You have just 5 small steps toward a world of change:

1.  Read your free "12 Tips to Better Use the Planet's Resources" on the tab labeled "12 Tips"
2. Take all the actions you possibly can
3. Ordering your exclusive TakeMeOuts (from Tip #7) right below this green box
4. Replacing all of your chemical-filled household cleaning, bath and beauty and other wellness products with a highly effective non-toxic version (from Tip #9) at this link:
5. If you want more detail or convincing, read the tab labeled Trashy Business. You will learn some startling facts.

You can do it! 

We are here if you have any questions. Just send us an email and put "I need some good clean help" in the subject line.

Eliminate an average of 26 tall trash bags of single-use disposables, per person, per year!

TakeMeOuts 3-Pack
TakeMeOuts 3-Pack
Never again will you have to bring home single-use plastic, styrofoam (heaven forbid) or even compostables with your restaurant leftovers. Each includes a starter container (you can add more in the style you like) and features a gift card pouch (white square in picture) You actually get a 3-pack (3 bags and 3 containers) - 1 for you and 2 for your favorite peeps. (Sent Priority Mail)

PS For gift cards online try or 

What are you waiting for?

There are lots of things you can do to reduce trash, waste and toxins from your home! Learn how to stop the never-ending stream of "stuff" that comes in. Learn how to dispose of things properly. Learn how to change what you are currently using to safeguard the health of your family. You can even find some things to do for your yard.
Go get your "12 Tips to Better Use the Planet's Resources". Then jump right in to start cleaning up your act! 

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